The Alpine County Airport is an unattended facility with no services or lighting. The airport is located in a mountainous region with occasional strong winds and turbulence.

Night landings are not recommended. There is no snow removal therefore the airport is closed when snow is on the runway. The soil conditions off the runway are poor in wet conditions. Large stones are present along the edge of the runway off the graded surface. Tie downs are available.

Airport Information

  • Airport ID: M45
  • Coordinates: N38 º 44.09' W119 º45.98'
  • Elevation: 5867'
  • Runaway 17-35: H4443X50 (ASPH), RWY 17: Hill, RWY35: Rgt tfc
  • Limited to 4,800 pounds single wheel, 9,600 pounds dual wheel
  • Communications: CTAF 122.9
  • Radio Aids to Navigation: NOTAM FILE RNO
  • MUSTANG (H) VORTACW 117.9 FMG Channel 126 N39 º 31.88' W119 º39.37' 170 º 48.0 NM to fld. 5949/16E