Fictitious Business Name (FBN)


This section will tell you how a "Fictitious Business Name" is defined, as well as who should file a Fictitious Business Name Statement.

The Definition of Fictitious Business Name is:

A business name that does not include the surname of the individual owner, and each of the partners or the nature of the business is not clearly evident by the name.

For example, doing business under a name like: Smith & Jones Associates or Smith & Jones Sons

Would require a Fictitious Business Name be registered, even though the surname of the owner is stated, the words following the surname suggest other owners that are not specifically named.

HOWEVER, doing business under a name like: John Smith Plumbing or Smith Plumbing

Would not require a Fictitious Business Name be registered, because the owner (John Smith) is conducting business under his legal name.

In the case of a corporation, a Fictitious Business Name is any name other than the exact corporate name as stated in the articles of incorporation.


Any person who regularly transacts business for profit, under a Fictitious Name in the County of Alpine is required to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the County Clerk.

PLEASE NOTE: Although registration of a Fictitious Business Name is required, this office serves only as the central depository of these names, neither approving nor disapproving a particular name and cannot accept any responsibility for any omissions, similarities, or duplications among the Fictitious Business Names on file. Fictitious Business Names are filed only in the county where the business is located. Statewide registries do not exist.

All prospective registrants are cautioned that registration of a Fictitious Business Name does not guarantee exclusive use of that name.


Fictitious Business Name Statements are filed with the County Clerk. It is not necessary to file in person; they may be filed by mail; however, we do not accept filing by facsimile or email. The statement is retained in the Clerk's office as a public document, and will expire after five years from the date is was filed. A new statement must be filed on or before the expiration date. (Please note that you will not be notified regarding the renewal of your statement at the expiration of five years. It is the registrant's responsibility for filing a new statement.)


Filing and indexing a Fictitious Business Name Statement.
(Three certified copies are provided to filer after filing)
Each additional name filed on the same statement and doing
business at the same location.
$ 5.00
Filing and indexing a Statement of Abandonment.$10.00
Filing and indexing a Withdrawal from Partnership.$10.00
Affidavit of Publication of Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
(Per Corporation Code section 15035.5)
$ 5.00


After you FBN has been filed, three certified copies (with the filing number and date filed) will be mailed to you: one copy for you, one copy for publication and one for your bank, if required. You are required to have the fictitious business name statement published within 30 days. Since the County of Alpine does not have an adjudicated newspaper of general circulation, you will be required to have the Fictitious Business Name Statement published in the Tahoe Daily Tribune, which is the closest newspaper of general circulation in an adjoining county.

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