Community Health Improvement Plan

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Alpine County is pleased to announce that as of October 1, 2020 we have started work to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan!

A community health improvement plan (or CHIP) is a long-term, systematic effort to address public health problems in our community. It will be used by health and other governmental, education, and human service agencies, in collaboration with community partners to set priorities and coordinate and target resources.

Through this process, we will develop a 3 to 5 year plan that will help us develop policies, guide actions, and provide a road map for how we can increase healthy living throughout Alpine County.

And We Need Your Help!

Developing a CHIP is a collaborative process that requires the input of key stakeholders and the community as a whole. We want to develop a CHIP that includes the voices of all of Alpine’s diverse communities and individuals, and that works to improve health for all our residents.

We hope you’ve seen the flyers, posters, emails, and mailings that we used to ask for your feedback on key elements of the CHIP. See the Current Feedback Opportunities section below for more information on how you can participate, and the Progress to Date section to see how your feedback has been incorporated into the CHIP so far.

Progress to Date (as of December 2021)

We are making great progress on developing our CHIP, thanks to the participation and feedback of many community members!

Based on your input, we have finalized the CHIP Vision and Value Statements, which will guide the way that we develop our health improvement plan.

Alpine County CHIP Vision

Alpine County has a shared understanding of whole-person health, systems in place that support equitable access to resources, and an ongoing commitment to community wellness through active engagement by all who live, work, learn, and play here.

Alpine County CHIP Values

Collaboration | Working together at the system, organization, and community levels will ensure equitable access to health-related resources and provide everyone with a continuum of services and opportunities needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Holistic | Wellness encompasses not only physical health, but also mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health. Our community acknowledges the impact social, economic, and other factors can have on an individual or family’s ability to thrive and are committed to addressing these factors in order to increase community security and health.

Opportunity | Removing barriers and increasing access points in the community will make it easier to put knowledge into practice, support healthy habits, and enhance overall wellbeing. Optimal health is achievable, and it begins with small changes.

Prevention | With the right tools, knowledge, opportunities, and support individuals can thrive. Together we can work to reduce preventable illnesses and injury, and increase favorable outcomes, in our communities.

Respect | No two individuals or communities have the same health needs, resources, or definition of healthy living. Health outcomes for everyone will improve when strategies are person-centered, tailored to engage diverse groups, and address both changing needs within our communities and the causes of health inequities.

We also appreciated the additional comments you included as part of your responses to the Vision and Values Survey and will use those as we continue the planning process to improve health in Alpine County.

Community Health Assessments and Priority Areas

Based on common themes seen across a variety of assessments and data sources, the CHIP Steering Committee developed three priority areas that, when addressed, will help increase community health within Alpine County. These priority areas work together to create an environment and continuum for improved health by developing the infrastructure necessary to support health, providing direct access to services, and facilitating the establishment of healthy habits. Two additional themes seen across the data were identified as cross-cutting themes that apply to each of these priority areas, as illustrated in the graphic below.


Cross-cutting Themes: Community Awareness and Data Availability



Stay Involved

We will use this website to keep you updated on the progress of the CHIP and ways that you can contribute, so please check back regularly.

If you would like to receive regular email updates about the CHIP, you can opt into the Alpine CHIP listserv by sending an email to