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Local Transportation Commission
Formation of the Alpine County Local Transportation Commission

In 1972, the Legislature required that Regional Transportation Planning Agencies be formed throughout the State. Among the responsibilities of these agencies was the preparation of Regional Transportation Plans. The Alpine County Local Transportation Commission (LTC) was designated the Regional Transportation Planning Agency for Alpine County.

The LTC's first RTP was prepared by Caltrans District 10, under the direction of the LTC and adopted in April 1975. The required updates were also prepared by Caltrans and adopted in 1976, 1977, and 1980. In 1982, the RTP was prepared by the Central Sierra Planning Council (CSPC) and incorporated into the County General Plan as the Circulation Element. In 1985, 1986, and 1988 the County reaffirmed the goals and policies of the 1982 RTP, and in 1990 CSPC updated the 1982 RTP. In 1992 the updated RTP was reaffirmed with minor amendments.

In 1999 the Local Transportation Commission adopted an updated General Plan, including an updated Circulation Element/RTP. In 2010 a draft Circulation Element was prepared and is going through environmental review with the updated housing element in 2011. Alpine County completed its most recent RTP Update in 2010 with an adopted Negative Declaration.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the Alpine County Local Transportation Commission has not changed since the 1975 plan was adopted. The Local Transportation Commission is still composed of the five Alpine County LTC members of the Board of Supervisors. The County's Community Development Director is designated as the agency's Executive Secretary. Meetings are held as needed during regular scheduled Board of Supervisors meetings.

Committees related to LTC

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entered into between the Alpine LTC and the State of California was updated in April of 2012. The MOU set forth responsibilities for each agency and established committees. Committees include the RTP Technical Advisory Committee (RTP/TAC), consisting of the County Community Development Director, County Planner, the County Engineer, and a representative of Caltrans, District 10. A new MOU between the Alpine LTC and the State of California was executed in 2003.

Alpine FY2016 - FY2020 Short Range Transit Plan - Final

Alpine FY2016-FY2020 SRTP Final

Regional Transportation Improvement Program
Fiscal Years 2018/2018 through 2022/2023

Amador and Alpine Counties State Route SSAR Project

2018 Active Transportation Plan

2018 Active Transportation Plan