Historical Records Commission


  • Link to Agenda Center
  • Second Friday in February, May, August, and November
  • 10 a.m. Alpine County Administration Conference Room, 99 Water Street, Markleeville, CA
  • Contact the County Clerk's Office for more information 530-694-2281


The Historical Records Commission was established by motion of the Alpine County Board of Supervisors on October 2, 1984. It consists of five voting members drawn from the following areas: county government, library services, academics, community history, genealogical research, and business.

The current commissioners are:

  • Teola Tremayne, Alpine County Clerk / Records Manager
  • Rita Lovell, County Librarian/Archivist
  • Lynette Noah , Museum Representative
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Rebecca Thornburg, Public Member
  • Irvin Jim, Board of Supervisors Liaison

About the Commission

The Historical Records Commission promotes the preservation of historical records. Our duties include:

  • Making recommendations for an archive and records management program
  • Supporting and assisting the Alpine County Records Inventory Project so that all County records will be identified and inventoried
  • Identifying and encouraging the preservation of additional governmental, business, professional and private records deemed to be historically significant
  • Promoting the preservation of historical records through newspaper articles, television interviews, talks and like shows to civic groups, the preparation of pamphlets and posters, and the establishment of specialized advisory groups
  • Encouraging historical and genealogical societies, professional associations, private researchers, and students to participate in the detailed research involved in preserving historical records