Children and Families Commission - First 5 Alpine

Three-year term. The Commission shall consist of at least five and not more than nine members, compromised of the following: one member of the Board of Supervisors; the Director of Social Services or designee; the County Health Office or designee; and a minimum of two members representing any of the following categories:

a)recipient of project services
b)educator specializing in early childhood development
c)representative of a local child care resource or referral agency or a local child care coordinating group
d)representative of a local organization for the prevention or early intervention for families at risk
e)representative of community-based organizations that have the goal of promoting nurturing and early childhood
f)representative of local school district
g)representative of agency or organization responsible for the management of children's services, behavioral health
services, social services; tobacco and other substance abuse prevention and treatment services

For more information contact Children and Families Commission - Alpine First 5.