Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption

A property owner may claim a Homeowners' Exemption on a residence they own and occupy as their primary residence at 12:01 a.m. on January 1; or qualifies within 30 days of change in ownership or new construction for which a Supplemental Assessment is levied. The exemption reduces your assessed value by $7,000 and reduces the tax bill by a little over $70 if filed timely. It is the homeowner's responsibility to apply for the exemption. To receive the full exemption, you must file with the Assessor's Office on or before February 15, or within 30 days of a Notice of Supplemental Assessment. A late filing is accepted from February 16 to December 10 for 80% of the exemption. The exemption continues each year as long as the property is owned and occupied as the primary residence. It is the homeowner's responsibility to terminate the exemption when no longer eligible.