Residential Short Term Rental

Alpine County adopted revised regulations for short-term rental uses on May 18, 2021.  The new regulations became effective on July 1, 2021.

Residential Short-Term Rental Ordinance (Chapter 18.73)


All property owners who would like to rent their homes (or a portion of their homes) for less than 30 days will need to obtain a short-term rental license unless exempt from the regulations.  The regulations apply to all properties within Alpine County but establish different standards depending on the location of the parcel.  To apply for a short-term rental license, property owners will need the following forms:

1. Short-Term Rental License Registration 

2. Alpine County Business License

3. Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Registration

4. Fictitious Name Registration (if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What are the regulations for properties on the East Slope of Alpine County (Markleeville, Woodfords, Mesa Vista)?

1. No more than 35 short-term rental uses are allowed on the East Slope.

2. New applications must meet the 100 foot buffer requirement.

3. If a new application is approved, the property owner is required to notify property owners within 300 feet.

Which uses are exempt from the requirement to register?

  • Rental of one bedroom in an owner occupied residence accommodating no more than three guest.
  • Rental of a residence for no more than 5 days per calendar year.

*Exempt from zoning requirements. Transient occupancy tax and business license apply.

 What are the standards for residential short term rental uses?

Limitation on Structures. A residential short-term rental may be conducted only within a legally established residential unit or portion thereof.

Noise Limitations. No activity at any time shall produce sounds measured in excess of the standards as stated in Section 18.68.090(B) of this code.

Outdoor Fires. Outdoor fires are limited pursuant to Chapter 8.16 regarding outdoor burning and fire control.

Parking. No additional parking in excess of what is required for the residential use of the property shall be required.

Signs  One single, nonilluminated sign of not more than six square feet in area is permitted. In addition, each residential short-term rental shall have an address placard displayed on the building or land in such manner as to be clearly visible from the street or road on which the residential short-term rental is located. The address placard shall comply with the requirements of the California Fire Code.

Life Safety Measures. The following life safety measures are required to be in place within the area to be used for the residential short-term rental:

1. Operating smoke detector(s) and carbon monoxide detector(s) installed in accordance with state law;

2. At least one functioning fire extinguisher in an easily accessed location inside the space;

3. Written information available to the occupant in a conspicuous location inside the space containing twenty-four/seven emergency contact information for a representative of the property owner or rental agent, law enforcement, fire department, and ambulance services.

Compliance with Other Codes, Laws and Regulations The residential short-term rental shall be conducted in compliance with other applicable codes, laws and regulations including, but not limited to, all applicable provisions of the Alpine County Code.

Transient Lodging tax proof of payment  On or before April 1st of each year, payment in full of all transient lodging taxes due for the preceding calendar year shall be confirmed by the Community Development Department. Nonpayment of transient lodging taxes is a violation of County Code 3.16 and the county may take action against the property owner and/or operator of the residential short-term rental pursuant to the applicable sections of the Alpine County Code.

Public Nuisance The residential short-term rental shall not be operated in a manner that creates a public nuisance.

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