County Facilities Rental

Facility Rental

  • County Facilities Markleeville- Heritage Park, Library Park, Turtle Rock Park Community Center, Turtle Rock Park Disc Golf Course, Turtle Rock Park Community Center
    Bear Valley- Perry Walther Community Center, BV Ball Field, BV Disc Golf Course

County Facility Reservation Application (PDF)

Turtle Rock Park Community Center Application (PDF)


USE FEES AND DEPOSITS – Established by Board of Supervisors Resolution No. R2012-06 

User CategoryFeeDeposit
County Department, County-Related Business: 
  •  County Department use for official County business.
  •  Use by other Government agencies to provide services to County residents; or to provide information and/or obtain community input on government agency actions, services, plans or proposals that directly affect Alpine County lands or Alpine County residents. 
Community Groups: 
  •  Must be an established group based in Alpine County (i.e. primary mailing address is within Alpine County), or with participants made up primarily of Alpine County residents and/or owners of real property located in Alpine County.
  •  Includes business meetings, events and activities conducted by the community group. 
$10 / hour
$50 / 24hours
Private Events:
  •  Includes parties, weddings, reunions, meetings and events conducted by private parties, groups (other than a community group), organizations and not for profit organizations. 
$100 / 2 hours 
$250 / 8 hours
$350 / 24 hours
$1400 / week 
Commercial Activities: 
  • • Includes any use or activity conducted with the intent of realizing a profit from the sale of goods or services to others, including events with paid admission. 
$125 / 2 hours 
$315 / 8 hours 
$440 / 24 hours
$1750 / week