Transportation Projects

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Hot Springs Road Reconstruction project

The County of Alpine (County), in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), is proposing to reconstruct Hot Springs Road, improve pavement conditions, and provide paved shoulders for Class 2 and 3 bicycle lanes, where possible, from Laramie Street to the entrance of Grover Hot Springs Park. The purpose of the Project is to increase safety for drivers and bicyclists by providing drivers with a consistent roadway section and a wider area for recovery should they veer out of the travel lane, and providing bicyclists with wider paved shoulders. The Project will also improve road width for emergency responders and evacuating residents and visitors during emergencies (e.g., wildfires).

Hot Springs Bridge Replacement Project

The County is preparing to reconstruct Hot Springs Road from Laramie Street to the roadway’s end at Grover Hot Springs State Park, west of Markleeville in Alpine County, California, near State Route 89. The purpose of the Project is to improve pavement conditions, construct paved shoulders and bike lanes, and increase safety for drivers and bicyclists.