Safety Element- Alpine County General Plan Revision


Section 65302(g) of the California Government Code requires that the General Plan include a Safety  Element for the protection of the community from any unreasonable risks associated with the effects  of seismically induced surface rupture, ground shaking, ground failure, tsunami, seiche, and dam failure; slope instability leading to mudslides and landslides; subsidence and other geologic hazards  known to the legislative body; flooding, and wildland and urban fire. 

The Safety Element establishes goals, policies and implementation measures intended to avoid or minimize human injury and protect property by reducing the exposure of the community to hazards. It  is also intended that an undue financial burden not be placed on the community by allowing  development which may have unusually high costs for public services and disaster relief due to the risk from hazards.  

The Alpine County Safety Element addresses the following hazards that are known to have potential for causing injury to people or damage to property in the County:   

 A. Wildland Fire
 B. Geologic Hazards 
 D. Flood 
E. Noise
 F. Hazardous Materials 


Notice of Availability

Initial Study and Negative Declaration

Draft Safety Element Revision