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Zip Books Request

  1. Zip Books Request Form
  2. HOW IT WORKS: Zip Books is a statewide project of the NorthNet Library System, funded by the California State Library. Print books under $50 and audiobooks & Playaways under $75 that are not currently owned by either of our branches are available for order through Amazon. Library patrons may order up to two (2) Zip Books a month which are delivered directly to their mailing address. Books may be kept for up to 2 months before being returned to the Library. Once returned, another Zip Book can be ordered (for a total of 2 Zip Books "out" at a time.) ____________________________________________________________________________________
  3. This program is subject to available funding, and these guidelines may change at any time.
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    Please check the Amazon website (link below) to ensure that the title is available in the format you are requesting. Books may be pre-ordered up to three months prior to their release date
  6. Does the Library own the book?*
    To find out, search our online catalog (link below) ZipBooks will allow us to purchase the same title in different formats. For example, if we own a title in print, and you request the same title in an audio book, Zip Books will allow this purchase..
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