Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)

About MHSA

The passage of Proposition 63 (now known as the Mental Health Services Act or MHSA) in November 2004, provides the first opportunity in many years for the California Department of Mental Health (DMH) to provide increased funding, personnel and other resources to support county mental health programs and monitor progress toward statewide goals for children, transition age youth, adults, older adults and families. The Act addresses a broad continuum of prevention, early intervention and service needs and the necessary infrastructure, technology and training elements that will effectively support this system.

This Act imposes a 1% income tax on personal income in excess of $1 million. Statewide, the Act was projected to generate approximately $254 million in fiscal year 2004-05, $683 million in 2005-06 and increasing amounts thereafter. Much of the funding will be provided to county mental health programs to fund programs consistent with their local plans. Any uncommitted funds during FY 2005-06 will be used to establish county prudent reserve accounts as required by the Act.

Read the full text of the Mental Health Services Act in English or en Español .

Read the Vision Statement and Guiding Principles for DMH Implementation of the MHSA in English or en Español

Prudent Reserve

Per recent changes in state law, Alpine County Behavioral Health Services (ACBHS) is now obligated to maintain its MHSA Prudent Reserve funding levels at no more than 33% of the average CSS allocations received in the preceding five years. ACBHS is required to reassess this Prudent Reserve maximum level every five (5) years. During each assessment, if Prudent Reserve funding levels are found to exceed the current maximum level, ACBHS is required to transfer the excess Prudent Reserve funding from the Prudent Reserve to CSS. 

To read the most recent assessment, conducted on 5/12/2020, click here:  Prudent Reserve Assessment

 Click here for the Public Comment Form for Prudent Reserve:  Public Comment Form

MHSA Plans and Updates (Updated 11/14/2023)

Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Three-Year Program and Expenditure Plan for Fiscal Years 2023/2024, 2024/2025, and 2025/2026. This proposed Three-Year Plan is available for public review and comment from November 14, 2023 through December 13, 2023.  We welcome your feedback by phone or in writing. Comments may also be made during the Public Hearing. (Link below)


The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) requires every county in California, with the input of community members and stakeholders, to develop and implement a 3-year plan to provide MHSA services in the county.  Although a 3-year plan is in effect at all times, it is understood that the needs of a community, or resources may change.  it is important for ACBHS to adapt the services provided through the MHSA to meet the needs of Alpine County.  Thus, the MHSA requires Annual Updates to the 3-year plan be written and implemented for the 2nd and 3rd year.  Below are the 3-year plans and annual updates for Alpine County:

2022-2023 Annual Update - Alpine County

2021-2022 Annual Update - Alpine County

2020-2023 Three-Year Program & Expenditure Plan - Alpine County

2019-2020 Annual Update - Alpine County

2018-2019 Annual Update - Alpine County

2017-2020 Three-Year Program & Expenditure Plan - Alpine County

2016-2017 Annual Update - Alpine County

2015-2016 Annual Update - Alpine County

2014-2017 Three-Year Program & Expenditure Plan - Alpine County

2011-2012 Annual Update - Alpine County

2009-2010 Annual Update - Alpine County

Annual Revenue & Expenditure Reports (RER's)

In addition to the component data and outcome reporting requirements regarding MHSA programs in Alpine County, ACBHS is required to submit an annual fiscal report to the (State) Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).  The annual MHSA Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) is submitted no later than December 31st following the end of the fiscal year.  Below are links the annual RERs submitted by Alpine County:

2020-2021 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

2019-2020 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

2018-2019 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

2017-2018 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

2016-2017 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

2015-2016 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

2014-2015 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

2013-2014 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

2012-2013 Revenue and Expenditure Report (RER) - Alpine County

MHSA Issue Resolution

ACBHS has developed a system for stakeholders and community members to seek resolution for issues related to the activities of the MHSA program.  This process supplements the existing Client Problem Resolution process that ACBHS currently has in place.  The types of concerns to be addressed through this process include issues around the following:

  • Local MHSA planning process
  • Appropriate use of MHSA funds
  • Inconsistency between an approved MHSA Plan and actual implementation
  • Client access to MHSA programs

For further information, please click on the links below:

Policy for the MHSA Issue Resolution Process

MHSA Issue Resolution Process form

MHSA Program Evaluation Form