Perinatal Outreach

The goal of the Perinatal Outreach Program is to assure early and continuous prenatal care of all pregnant women. Pregnant women will be encouraged to eliminate or reduce the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs during pregnancy in order to prevent serious medical problems in their infants. The Public Health nurse:

  • Participates in outreach to women of childbearing age
  • Assesses a person's health status
  • Develops individualized plans to assure access to prenatal care
  • Provides education to women about pregnancy, delivery, and early childhood expectations
  • Coordinates with other outreach services to identify high need areas

The Public Health nurse will provide follow-up to Medi-Cal eligible women to assist them in continuing prenatal care. Assistance can be arranged for other needed services for the baby through the CHDP Program and/or Healthy Families. For more information, view the Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Program.

For more information, please contact the Alpine County Health Department at 530-694-2146.